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VirtualDrive is the original & best CD/DVD/BD emulation and burning software
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5 December 2012

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In gaming world and for gamers, creation of virtual drives are a common thing, as it gives the flexibility of running or playing games without the need of CDs and DVDs. And out of all such software that aids in producing virtual drive, we recommend you none other than the latest FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 15.0.1. This software is a brilliant virtual CD/DVD emulation program that can be used in playing wide variety of games. With this software you can convert not only DVD/CD but also BD into Virtual CD files that get played in the emulated CD drive. Besides emulating the CDs and DVDs you can also burn, clone, copy and further keep backup of movies present in Compact discs or Blu-ray discs. This will help you to keep your games safe even if the discs gets damaged or lost.

This piece of software empowers you to play the games directly from hard drive at a much higher speed without the need of actual CD/DVDs. This tool is perfect for those computers that does not have CD or DVD drives such as Ultra book, netbook etc. FarStone VirtualDrive has a user-friendly and intuitive visual interface that can help you to virtualize CD/DVD and burn them effortlessly. It has the capability to Run up to twenty three CD/DVDs concurrently. The application is optimized for Touch screen support with large icons, enabling everyone to easily use the program with easy touches. Using this application you will also be able to share CD/DVDs in network plus over the internet too. The utility is very powerful and yet can get installed and offer no interruption in the smooth working of your PC.

FarStone VirtualDrive Pro is a wonderful emulation application that is worthy enough for anyone to go for it and experience a thrill by playing amazing game. For its intuitive interface and great features we give it a score of four rating points.

Publisher's description

VirtualDrive Pro
VirtualDrive is the original & best CD/DVD/BD emulation and burning software.
Emulate CD/DVD/BD, Burn CD/DVD/BD, and Backup CD/DVD/BD
Play CD/DVD from hard drive at 200x without a physical CD/DVD. VirtualDrive is a Virtual CD/DVD emulation software. Virtual Drive converts a CD/DVD/BD into a Virtual CD file (VCD), which plays in any one of up to 23 emulated virtual CD drives. VirtualDrive allows you to emulate, copy, clone, burn, or backup CD/DVD/Blu-ray. VirtualDrive provides a fast and instant responsive playback without leaving any wear or tear on your CD/DVD.
VirtualDrive has been helping hundreds of thousands people to emulate, play, burn, copy, and share CD/DVD/BD since 1996. VirtualDrive 15 supports Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and provides touch screen flow user interface to further ease the usage.
What do editors say?
"VirtualDrive Pro is a capable all-in-one disc image manipulation and burning program"
--- PCWorld Editor's Pick
"Your jaw will literally drop at the speed difference"
--- USA TODAY Review
"We completely trust VirtualDrive Pro..."
--- Editor's Pick
"a great job and remains one of the most advanced tools..."
--- Editor's Pick
VirtualDrive 15 New Features:
. Support Windows 8 and Windows 2012
. Enhanced cover-flow user interface
. Touch screen support
. Support Blu-ray (UDF 2.6 ISO)
. Support Win PAD, Ultrabook and Netbook
VirtualDrive Other Key Features:
. Emulate, Play, Burn, Copy, and Share CD/DVD/BD
. Play games from hard drive at 200X speed without the actual CD/DVD
. No more CD/DVD drive noise, no wear or tear on CD/DVD, no lost CD/DVD
. Perfect for UltraBook, netbook, and Win PAD without CD/DVD drive
. Run up to 23 CD/DVDs simultaneously
. Share CD/DVDs network and over internet
. Centralized Console for Network Edition
FarStone VirtualDrive Pro
FarStone VirtualDrive Pro
Version 15.01
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Peter G
Fast, quick and intuitive. It`s one of the best CD/DVD and BD emulation.
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